Newly Enrolled customers save 40% on Set-Up-Fee


Additional Information

You can start signing up customers today and earning commissions. Simply use this link to signup users. 

   Commission Breakdown    

  • Commission is 5% on every paid customer at sign-up
  • We do not pay commission for ongoing reporting
  • Commission is paid out on the 15th of each month for the prior months sales
  • Commission is paid out each month when it exceeds $50; if it does not, commission carries over to next month 

Upgrade and earn more money 

  • $500 one-time fee
  • You get a co-branded partner page, 
  • Earn 30% of gross revenue paid at sign-up
  • Call (203) 901-3491 to get started

Please contact us with any further questions.    

Thanks!   Best of Luck, from The Option One Reporting Solutions-Team

*All Agents are 1099

*All funds paid out are via direct deposit

*Please fill out W9 form and fax to (203) 306-3277


W9 Form

W9 Form (pdf)